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All About Janis


Janis can still remember the day she was dragged to the dance floor for a lesson in South Florida more than 30 years ago. She had only gone to the club to watch. With her new friends helping her and pointing which direction she should go, she actually learned a grapevine. Shortly after mastering a few steps, she and her husband moved to Buffalo, New York, where she danced and taught kids at a junior high school (who "tried" to sit down when she changed the music). When it was decided that Buffalo had too much snow, she moved back to her native Florida and settled in one of the best areas for line dancing--Orlando. She started daytime classes for seniors in Seminole and Volusia Counties in 1995 so that she wouldn't have to spend her time talking to her dog (who should know how to line dance since he has watched her practice for years). When more people wanted to learn, she added more classes with three simple rules: (1) Move your feet, (2) Face the right wall, and (3) Smile and have a good time. Magically, her students learned grapevines too. They have even gotten so good that they perform at local festivals. She has taught people from 5 to 95 and never gets bored -- guess you could say she loves teaching "children of all ages" to have fun!

Janis Graves

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